Thursday, August 18, 2011

Another Rescue Auction

Hey there Boxerpeople...
I'm doing another auction to benefit rescue.
I'd like to tell you about it and also encourage you to share wherever you can.

This time, its to raise money for a boy named Casey.
He was languishing in a high-kill California shelter because of a bum leg.
Our few rescues here are all stuffed to the gills right now, and there was a very real possibility of Casey being put down without ever having a chance.

Until Tracy Hon of Chico Boxer Rescue, Marta Nettlefield of Boxer Rescue Canada, and a whole lot of willing volunteers stepped up to save him.
Casey is now safe in a foster home and has a busted femur. Surgery will help save his leg and alleviate his pain, but of course its not one of those inexpensive surgeries.

So, this is where the auction comes in.
This time its not a raku boxer, its something much more personal.
I'm offering to create for the winner a personalized dog bowl.
I'm currently working in stoneware clay, and my work  is currently influenced by the Mexican Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) holiday.

After the auction ends and the winning bidder has paid, I'll contact you by email to discuss your dish.
Just about anything goes - within this style. I've made various items (mugs, bowls, plates etc) depicting dogs, cats, people, alpacas...just about any critter from A to Z!
(I can also do a simple dish similar to the second one pictured here if you prefer)

Please have a look at the auction here:
 and feel free to cross post here, o Facebook - wherever you can.



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