Monday, June 6, 2011

More Skeletal Fun!

 Crap photos, I know - my new camera arrives Tomorrow!

I'm getting lots of positive feedback on the Dia de los Muertos themed plates, and have had a lot of requests for the motif on more functional ware.
I was reluctant. First, I feel these pieces should tell a story, not just be plastered on whatever. Second, well, I'm not sure how I feel about such bulky ornamentation on functional ware.

But sometimes ya just gotta jump in right?
I really just started out warming up on the wheel after a couple weeks of hand building with some mugs. I'm still figuring out proportion and scale with handles, and I need to throw every day for the next month to be ready for a workshop I'm attending next month.

So, I decided to play with a couple of the mugs and see how it went.
An artist friend wanted bunnies, so I went there and posted the pics on FaceBook here:
and have gone further with the idea here:

Started on a Boxer themed one and had it sold as soon as I posted this pic!

I'm still unsure how they'll come out of the kiln, but I'm definitely warming to the possibilities.
Not sure I want to plaster these on everything, but on these big mugs, I think they may do.

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