Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Currently in the Studio...

Some projects I'm working on at the moment and hope to get into the kiln in a week or so...

More Lint Feeders!
These are just drying a bit more and then they'll be glazed.
Hoping to get them in the kiln this weekend and up on the website next week...
Going to try some new glaze combinations.

Toad Bells!
I had all but forgotten about making these till Gail prodded me with a request.
I am liking the opening - its really just an exaggerated pouring spout, but I think it works. I'm going to use some Manzanita branches as handles. Never done that before, but...

Boxer Tiles -
These will be decorative/memorial tiles.
They're fairly large...maybe 7" x 8". Not sure exactly how I'm going to glaze fire them yet. maybe Raku, or maybe with minimal color. Need to experiment.

I can stamp names into them, and my thought is, for memorial tiles, to mix some ashes (or fur, nail clippings or even a bit of collar) in with materials to make a simple glaze and fill the square imprint in the tile with that. Or I could place the ashes (or fur or whatever) in the square and place colored glass over it. The glass would melt over the ashes (the fur or whatever would be reduced to ashes in the firing...

Chachke Holders
Again - I can stamp them with words.
I think the basic one will say "B is for Boxer", and I want to make "R is for Rescue" as a fundraiser for rescues. I can do names ("O is for Owen") and can also do the ash/fur thing.
Just going to do an iron oxide wash on this white clay body and cover with a clear glaze. They're stamped with a woodcut I made. about 6" long and the corners will be curved up. They can be scrubbie holders, soap dishes, spoon rests, ring/jewelery holders...whatever.

So that's what's keeping me busy this week.
Tune in for more news!

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