Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Electric to Propane/Wood Kiln Idea

I'd appreciate any input from the experts on my idea here.
I recently picked up an old Skut 3-ring electric (non working and I'm not into electric firing).
Its the same size and configuration as my current high fire converted kiln, but in better condition, so I'm going to switch them out.

That leaves me with an extra kiln to play with and this is what I'm thinking.
I toyed with the idea of soda, but have decided instead to play with woodfiring.
I LOVE the results, and thought this might be manageable.
Don't know any more about woodfiring than I do about soda (nothing), but I figure a kiln is the logical place to start.

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Anonymous said...

This is a good idea. Here in Japan it is called Ittekoi style (going and coming) because the primary air enters from the same side the chimney is on. I have a gas kiln like this that I built, but my door is rigid fiber on the top, easily lifted. I like your side door idea, for pulling pieces at temp, but it might be trickier to load and unload. Depending on the size of the kiln, you will need to take care to break up the flame as it travels through. Mine is small, and the flame traveled though and out too quickly, heating unevenly. Once that problem was fixed, it fired nicely though, and without much gas. Not used it with wood yet.
One more thing: at the front base of the chimney, you can construct passive air dampers that eliminate the need for a regular damper (shelf, etc.) if you feel like it.
Happy firing,


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