Wednesday, August 11, 2010

July 10 Firing

With a bit more care, some great advice and a change in glazing method, I'm pretty happy with yesterday's glaze firing.

I think its helping me to fill in the dead spaces around my ware with kiln posts to create and hold more heat and I think it maybe creates little micro-atmospheres in the kiln in reduction.
So that's what I've taken to doing.

Ron Roy gave me some valuable insight into crawling, and I took it to heart, doing a more thorough soaking at about 1800f to burn out impurities in the clay - especially important since I'm single-firing.

Lastly, I cleaned up an old sprayer and had a go at spraying glazes.
Besides the obvious benefits of even coverage and blending, I can see right away that its a great way to glaze greenware. Much less stress to the delicate pots!
So I bought a gravity feed sprayer from Harbor Freight and will be constructing a spray booth from a RubberMaid garbage can today.
With these minor breakthroughs, maybe I'll even learn to love glazing...

Cone 10 redux - single fire.
Soaked @ 500f for 1 hour, again at 1800f for an hour (per Ron Roy's suggestion) and held at the top, in heavy reduction for 45 minutes.

Moon Plate

this plate is about 12" on a side.
Slabbed plate with thrown foot.
Its a white body, into which I squished bits of scrap from a dark body (probably trimming leavings from a bowl or something) which explains the halos on the plate's surface - the glaze (Lasse Ostman's Green Crackle) looks very different on a dark body than on a light one, and different again in reduction.

The glaze was sprayed on!
That's something I'm experimenting with and so far I LOVE the results!

Chachke Holders

Little Chachke Holders.
Just playing around - these would make good little test tiles. They're about 2: on a side.
Stronthium Blue glaze, dipped.

Noodle Bowl

I made this for an Empty Bowls event happening in my community.

Glaze (Melinda's "Not Yellow") is sprayed on, though not thickly enough, so I need to re-glaze I think.

Dark body with white slip inside. Same glaze over the entire piece. The textured band has an iron oxide wash.

I like it, but it needs better glaze coverage. 
Something to learn about spraying...

Butter Tray

My little butter tray.
Well, this was sure fun to make!
I really like how it turned out, with one minor flaw...its not supposed to sag like this LOL!

This is a white body.
Iron oxide washed on and removed and then sprayed with Lasse Ostman's Green Crackle.
Fired on the top shelf, so less reduction that the other pieces.

Hors Devours Plates

Each is about 4: on a side.
I know they were utterly flat when I put them in the kiln, but each has warped slightly.
Anyone have any thoughts on that?
The glaze is Melinda's "Not Yellow" and though I'm getting different results than she, I just love this glaze!
Here its brushed onto the dark body fairly thickly.

So, you all know the drill... feedback's happily accepted - constructive critique is even better!
Thanks for looking...

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